MATT PASCA has taught Creative Writing courses and workshops for two decades at high schools, universities, conferences, libraries, continuing ed programs and museums. He specializes in inspiring reluctant writers, pushing writers towards specificity, deep revision and self-exploration, curing readers of "poemophobia" and illuminating the importance and nature of the Writing Process. Matt currently runs a weekly writing workshop with his wife/author Terri Muuss entitled THE SUNDAY GRIND. For more details, please use the Contact tab of this site.

"Through his shining spirit, Matt brings an indomitable life to his poems, and listening to him read is restorative and energizing to the creative soul. His ability to draw on his mastery of the craft and art of poetry to inspire and guide others is the capstone of his writing workshops and what makes time spent writing with him invaluable." - DR. NICOLE GALANTE, Senior Educational Consultant, Creative Classroom Solutions

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work in Bay Shore and as a writer - it has really inspired me to get back into writing poetry." - ANA C.

"I took a short story class in college just because you inspired me to write. I wrote a few short stories that I still have and I am grateful to you for that!" - Desiree C.

"I have grown so much as a writer because of you. I'm not one to be at a loss for words, but thank you covers it." - Sam S.

"You've been more than a teacher - you've been a great friend and inspiration. You took my writing and mind to places they'd never been, and I want to say thank you." - Antzy P.

"You've helped me not just with my writing, but with the decisions I have had to make, how I look at the world, and my attitude towards the lot I've been given." - Sam S.

"Hey Pasca, just wanted to let you know that during my poetry unit with my seventh graders I did a poetry jam at the end with each class. Amazing results throughout. Thanks for inspiring that." - Bryan S.

"Matt Pasca has a very nice way of engaging with young writers, encouraging their voice." - Teacher of workshop participants

"Mr. Pasca was fun and entertaining. He knows a lot about writing and I learned and had a good time at his workshop." - Workshop participant

"As a growing writer, this workshop was exceedingly helpful. Mr. Pasca is excellent at communicating and getting everyone on the same literary page." - Workshop participant

"Great workshop - great poems! Helped me understand what a metaphor does." - Workshop participant

"Gave me a different outlook on life and school. Awesome workshop. I wish Mr. Pasca was my English teacher." - Workshop participant